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Certified Water Services is honored to serve Holland, PA 18966 with professional water treatment systems including water testing, and sales and installation of water softeners, water conditioning, and reverse osmosis systems. Drop us a line today for answers to any and all of your water treatment, water softener, water testing, water filtration, and well water treatment questions!

    All of our Holland, PA 18966 water treatment systems come with:
  • Our Water Quality Association certified knowledge
    of water treatment 
  • Our Better Business Bureau "100% A+ rating” 
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship
  • Free estimates 

Water treatment systems & services offered to Holland:

Holland, PA 18966 Water Treatment, Water Testing, and Water Softener Specialist since 1993- Certified Water Services
Holland, PA 18966's Water Treatment, Water Testing, and Water Softener Specialist since 1993- Certified Water Services

Holland, PA 18966 Water Testing

Water testing In Holland, PA 18966 can be either picked up and tested in your home or in an independent laboratory. For well water testing in Holland, we typically test for bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    Water tests offered to Holland, PA 18966:

  • arsenic
  • total hardness
  • nitrates/nitrites
  • iron
  • PH
  • e. coli
  • coliform
  • total chlorine
  • bacteria testing (performed on well water)
  • volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s)

Many of the water tests offered to Holland, PA 18966 are free of charge and can be done in the field, including testing for total hardness, Iron, PH (blue-green stains), and total chlorine. 

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Reverse Osmosis Systems in Holland, PA 18966

The gold standard in water filters for Holland, PA 18966 are reverse osmosis water filter systems. These systems provide safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly drinking water to Holland. Reverse Osmosis filtration removes 99.9% of contaminants that the common POU Brita, Pur, and carbon filter simply cannot.

If you live in Holland, PA 18966, and your drinking water is provided by a well remember that neither Holland nor Bucks County tests your water. We have found well water samples test positive for both coliform & e. coli bacteria. If you have a public water source, you can click here to see your Holland PA Water Quality Report.

Holland, PA 18966 Reverse Osmosis System Repair & Services:

We can repair & service (including filter changes) reverse osmosis drinking water filters in Holland. We service all brands, including: Aqua Pure, Culligan, Sears, Clack, Hague, Kinetico, Fleck, GE, Autotrol, Erie, and others.

Check out our specials page for great deals on a reverse osmosis system for your home!

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Water Softeners / Water Conditioners in Holland, PA 18966

An ion-exchange resin to remove calcium (limestone) and magnesium salts in Holland, PA 18966 water softeners. These ions are responsible for making the Holland water hard.

    Some unwanted effects of Holland, PA 18966's hard water:

  • scaling builds up over time in your pipes, hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and more 
  • soaps and detergents do not fully dissolve, leaving soap rings on your fixtures 
  • minerals and soaps are left behind on your skin and hair, causing them to be dry

Water Softener Installation Holland, PA 18966 by Certified Water Services
Water Softener Installation Holland, PA 18966 by Certified Water Services

The benefits of water softener installation in your Holland, PA 18966 residence will be instantly noticeable. Your skin & hair will "thank you," and it will increase the efficiency and life of your appliances, and thus decrease your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Holland, PA 18966 water softener repair & service:

We can repair and service water softeners in Holland , PA 18966. We service all brands – Aqua Pure, & Culligan, Autotrol, Sears, Fleck, GE, Erie, Clack, Hague, Kinetico, Ionics, and others.

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UV Light Systems in Holland, PA 18966

In Holland, PA 19002, an ultraviolet (UV) light system will provide over a 99% reduction of all pathogenic micro-organisms in your well water.

Holland, PA 18966 UV light repair and service:

We can repair & service (including ultraviolet (UV) bulb replacement) all brands of ultraviolet light systems in Holland.

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Holland, PA 18966 Whole House Carbon Filters

Whole house carbon filters in Holland, PA 18966 are for removing chlorine or chloramines (their by-products include bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids (HAA5), and total trihalomethanes (TTHMs or THMs)) that is added to your water by the Holland Water Department to remove water borne pathogens.

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Acid Neutralizers in Holland, PA 18966

A neutralizer system in Holland, PA 19002 will correct low water pH caused by a high carbon dioxide content.  The most common sign of acidic water is green stains on your sinks and other porcelain fixtures and/or your water has a blue green cast to it.

Holland, PA 18966 well water is infamous for acid water.

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Holland, PA 18966 Iron Filters

"Iron water" can be diagnosed by brown-red stains on toilets, sinks, bath tubs,  fixtures, dishes, and laundry. Iron water may also have a metallic taste; also your water if heated may have brown-red tint.

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Well Chlorination / Well Shocking in Holland, PA 18966

Certified Water Services can chlorinate/shock your well in Holland, PA 18966 to destroy bacteriological activity at the time of treatment. This is only a temporary well water treatment, and it should be followed up with a well water test  for bacteria to check if further water treatment is necessary. Certified Water Services also can help with arsenic removal for you home.

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Salt Delivery to Holland, PA 18966

Chill out and let Certified Water Services deliver water softener salt to your Holland, PA 18966 residence!

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Use this useful tool from the Environmental Working Group to see your Holland Drinking Water Quality Report:

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