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- Family owned and operated since 1993 

Water Treatment and Water Testing Specialist-Certified Water Services

Certified Water Services is a family owned and operated water treatment, purification, and testing company serving the tri state area. When you call CWS, you will talk to a Water Quality Association certified expert. When we test and analyze your water we will recommend what we would do if we had our family living in your home. Top quality, professional grade, water treatment systems that solve your water problems. And since we are not a franchise (we do not have to pay high commission rates or franchise fees for billboards or Super Bowl ads), our prices are extremely competitive.

All of our water treatment systems are:

  • Scientifically proven
  • Professional grade water treatment systems,
    Professionally installed, and fully insured
  • Include a one year warranty on material and workmanship
  • Backed by our perfect “BBB 100% A+ rating”
  • Come with free estimates

Victor L. Raimondo, Owner
Certified Water Services

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Benefits of having a reverse osmosis water treatment system installed for purification of your drinking water:

  •  Removes virtually all of the contaminants in your water, including the PFCs (PFOS/PFOA) that have been found in the water in Bucks & Montgomery Counties
  •  Better tasting water makes for more flavorful coffee and tea
  •  Less expensive than bottled water and helps the environment by reducing the landfill waste that bottles create
  •  See our Reverse Osmosis Systems page for more benefits

Benefits of having a water softener installed for treatment of your hard water:

  • Softer skin, hair, towels, clothes, and use less soap
  • Clean your house using less cleaners and detergents, which helps out the environment and saves you money
  • More efficient and longer lasting appliances
  • See our Water Softener Systems page for more benefits!

Do you have:

  • Soap and lime scum in your sinks, bathtubs, and shower doors?
  • White scale deposits in your tea kettle, pipes, or water heater?
  • Rotten egg odor, tarnished silverware, or discolored teas and coffees?
  • Green stains on your sink or other porcelain fixtures?
  • Does your water have a blue-green tint?
  • Brown-red stains on fixtures, laundry, or dishes?
  • Does your water turn brown-red when cooking?
  • Do you live near a farm and/or are worried about nitrates from fertilizers getting into your well?
  • See our Services page for a list of the water treatment systems and water testing services we offer or Contact us! 

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